Welcome to our fashion store!


Our jewellery is made of surgical steel, 316L, and the stones are cz. The process time for our plated

jewellery is 8 hours. This is a durable material, but to keep the jewellery in a good condition for as

long as possible, we recommend the following care:

  • Take of your jewellery during training and bodywork, bathing, tanning and similar situations.

  • Avoid contact with chemicals such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, bodylotion or handlotion, perfume,

    solvents etc. This concerns mainly our gold-plated jewellery,as this is a surface coating that is worn over time.

  • If you are not using your jewellery, please keep them in the supplied box or in a cloth bag.

The sizes in our rings are measured in diameter, and the measurements are shown in millimeter.

Our sizes are 16, 17, 18 and 19. Other brands may use perimeter as size measurements.

In this case, our sizes can be translated to 50, 53, 56 and 60.